What are some of the Drug Nuedexta Uses

Uses of Nuedexta and Considerations

What is Nuedexta?
Nuedexta is a prescription medication manufactured by Avanir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. as a treatment for pseudobulbar affect. This drug features a precise combination of dextromethorphan and quinidine which affect reaction in the brain and heart.

Dextromethorphan is a morphine class drug used to interrupt signals from the brain and is most often used as a cough suppressant. As a matter of fact, Dextromethorphan is the active ingredient found in “Robitussin” the popular cough syrup.

Quinidine affects the heartbeat and is often the prescription for people who suffer from arrhythmia or an irregular heartbeat disorder.

The combination of the two in Nuedexta is designed to treat the condition of pseudobulbar affect, which is associated with involuntary bouts of laughing of crying for no apparent reason. This condition is often found in people with neurological disorders, including ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) or multiple sclerosis.

The primary indication of a PBA condition includes these uncontrollable bursts of laughter or tears with no prior warning. There is also no reason for the greatly exaggerated reaction and are often not connected to the emotional state of the individual. Tears can quickly change to laughter, and the reverse is also true. Furthermore, these extreme mood swings can occur at any time and despite periods of normal temperament.

One of the most striking characteristics of the condition is the intensity of the emotional response, which means laughter and tears can last for long periods of up to several minutes in response to a vaguely funny or somber remark. The important thing to note is the high contrast in the reactions the individual would have provided before the condition.

Often people who suffer from the disease experience both symptoms simultaneously. However, crying is often the more common symptom of the condition. For this reason, the condition is often confused with a state of manic and uncontrollable depression. The difference between the two is that depression is a constant state, whereas PBA comes and goes in dynamic episodes. Furthermore, those with PBA don’t exhibit the same symptoms of sleeplessness, lethargy, and loss of appetite that those with depression experience.  Nevertheless, depression is quite commonly a result of a PBA condition as it begins to interfere with everyday living.

The most common causes of PBA involve neurological damage caused by injury or disease. These complications can directly affect the emotional response center of the brain and cause this confused response. Following are some of the most common causes for PBA and the need for the use of

Drug Uses Nuedexta:

Multiple Sclerosis
-Parkinson’s Disease
-Alzheimer’s Disease
-ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
-Traumatic brain injuries

Complications Associated with PBA and Treatment with Nuedexta

There are moderately severe symptoms associated with PBA that can be cause for anxiety, depression, social isolation as well as the embarrassment in social situations. As it often accompanies a neurological condition, this can affect your capacity to cope with routine tasks and lead an ordinary life. Helping lead to a normal life is where Nuedexta is most often prescribed to interrupt these emotional responses and add a measure of control over one’s life. Nevertheless, there is some important consideration for taking this innovative medication.

Considerations for Using Nuedexta Medication

Those with a history of heart failure should consider taking Nuedexta a significant risk due to its heart affecting properties. One condition, in particular, is called “AV Block” and Long CT syndromes are especially critical and Nuedexta should not be used if these are a current concern.

Furthermore, you don’t want to use Nuedexta if you have your MAO inhibitor within the last two weeks. MAO inhibitors contain a volatile assortment of medication including linezolid, isocarboxazid, and methylene blue injection. This combination could produce a dangerous drug interaction with severe consequences.

If you are currently taking quinine, quinidine or mefloquine, you are also not a likely candidate for Nuedexta treatment. The same holds true if you have ever presented any allergic reactions to these medications.
Many other medicines have the capacity to react with Nuedexta or at the very least adversely affect the efficacy of the drug. It is essential that you counsel with your medical provider and informs them of all current medications before receiving your Nuedexta treatment.

Final Notes: the use of Nuedexta can only be efficient if properly assimilated by the body. CYP2D6 is a protein that affects how quickly the drug is eliminated from the bloodstream and body. People with high amounts of this protein, will not fully absorb the medication and the effects will be severely impaired. Furthermore, these “poor metabolizers” can present a greater chance of reacting poorly to the quinidine content. Testing can be done for levels of CYP2D6 to determine personal tolerance for the drug.

If you are considering Nuedexta for the treatment of PBA or any other condition, it is essential that you visit a qualified medical practitioner to ensure the best possible outcome for your medication.