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Learn some general Nuedexta drug information including the costside effects, and more.

  Items you want to know before purchasing the medication for use in treating, PseudoBulbar Affect (PBA), dementia, autism, ALSand other issues related to brain functioning. Learn more about Nuedexta below.

Nuedexta is a medication that is taken specifically for the treatment of PBA- PseudoBulbar Affect, which is a condition which causes frequent and sudden uncontrollable episodes of laughing or/and crying which are exaggerated or/and do not match up to how you are feeling.

What To Expect From Nuedexta

When you start using Nuedexta, you may start to experience less PBA episodes after seven days. Yet you can expect to experience the best results from about 90 days onwards. In clinical trials, on average patients experienced 44% less PBA episodes after taking the drug for a week, and 82% average of fewer episodes after 12 weeks. In the last two weeks of this study, 51% of the patients that were taking Nuedexta, were 100% episode-free, yet your results might vary.

What Might Happen When You Stop Treatment?

To continue with the benefits, you can achieve with Nuedexta; it is important to take the medication daily as was directed by a physician. In clinical trials, from the beginning of week 2 of the treatment, patients were given an increased dose of two capsules daily. At the end of this clinical trial, most of the patients were still monitored over the next three months. During transitions between the trials, a few patients had gaps in their treatment. Most of the patients that stopped taking the drug experienced an increase in their PBA symptoms after a 48-hour break in the treatment. Your doctor may from time-to-time need to determine whether you should be still taking Nuedexta. For a few patients, PBA symptoms can improve without the need for medication.

Here are a few tips to follow when taking Nuedexta:

1. Give It Time

Nuedexta is a type of medication that is designed to start working overtime. You can expect to experience better results from about 90 days, which is why it is important to give the drug time and patience in order to work.

2. Stay Consistent

When taking a prescribed dose every day at a chosen time, that will maintain the right levels of the medication in your body. This maintenance allows a way for the drug to start working correctly and to achieve your overall goal of experiencing less or no PBA episodes.

3. Report On Your Results

When you are taking Nuedexta, it is crucial to let your physician know whether your PBA episodes are getting worse or continuing. Also, your physician should reassess your need for the treatment on a periodic basis, as PBA symptoms can in some cases clear up without having to take medication.

Side Effects And Safety

Before you take Nuedexta:

– Let your doctor know about any other supplements or other medications you are currently taking.

– Ask your physician what type of medications you are unable to take while on Nuedexta.

– Let your doctor know if you have an existing heart condition, or if anyone in your family has ever experienced heart rhythm issues.

Common side effects when using Nuedexta include:

– Dizziness

– Diarrhea

– Swelling of the ankles and feet

– Weakness

– Vomiting

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