What You Should Know About Nuedexta Patient Assistance Program

Nuedexta Patient Assistance Program

A Patient Assistance Program recently launched for the drug Nuedexta is aimed at assisting people who have been diagnosed with Pseudobulbar affect (PBA). This program is aimed at getting these patients medication which treats this condition at no or a low cost.
PBA is a type of neurologic disease that in some cases occur in individuals with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). The condition causes unwanted episodes that include either laughing or crying that do not necessarily correlate with the person’s real mood. Even though the disease is not recognized as harmful, the episodes are in most cases embarrassing and upsetting, and these people often avoid going out in public or social situations due to them.
Patient Assistane Program for NuedextaUnder this patient assistance program, the eligible individuals that have ALS can receive a six-month supply of Nuedexta for free and can also qualify for an ongoing assistance that includes periodic verification in regards to eligibility.
This Patient Assistance Program forms part of the Avanir’s Nuedexta Patient Services for health-care providers and patients. People in search of treatment and financial support can make use of these services to access the Health Insurance Plan assistance, which includes the drug-benefit verification, co-pay, and financial aid, along with information about Nuedexta and pseudobulbar affect.
The Financial Assistance Includes:
•The Co-Pay Assistance Program for individuals that have private insurance will set a $30 limit to the Co-Pay needed to purchase Nuedexta
•The Out-Of-Pocket Assistance Program are for patients with Medicare Part D which can decrease out-of-pocket expenses spent on medications such as Nuedexta
•The Patient Assistance Program is in place to assist people who either have no prescription medication or limited coverage to obtain the drug Nuedexta for free.
Nuedexta is a drug that decreases unwanted crying and laughing. The drug combines two different types of medications that include quinidine sulfate and dextromethorphan hydrobromide. The Dextromethorphan works in the person’s central nervous system to reduce how frequently person experiences unwanted episodes related to crying or laughing. To date, the exact mechanism of why this works is still unknown. Quinidine is what increases the blood levels of the drug Dextromethorphan in the way of interfering with how it breaks down within the body.
In 2010 Avanir reported on the phase three trial of Nuedexta, the previous versions were known as AVP923, Zenvia, and Neurodex. This trial included around 300 participants with the diagnosis of PBA secondary to MS (multiple sclerosis) or ALS. Investigators went on to find that this drug was able to reduce the number of episodes in association to crying or laughing when compared to the participants who were given the placebo. These investigators also concluded that the drug was well-tolerated and generally safe.
Individuals who have ALS and experience the pseudobulbar affect who are interested in the assistance programs can contact the Nuedexta Patient Services helpline on (855) 468-3339 from Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 7.00pm.

Is Nuedexta A Psychotropic Drug?

Nuedexta as a Psychotropic

A psychotropic drug is a type of drug that is used to treat psychiatric conditions. Doctors prescribe some psychotropics fairly commonly. Ambien is a popular sleep aid; Prozac is a popular anti-depressant. It’s not unusual to see people taking psychotropic drugs on a regular basis.
Can Nuedexta be classified as a psychotropic drug
Some people have wondered whether Nuedexta, a drug that is used to treat neurological conditions, qualifies as a psychotropic. It’s true that this medication commonly addresses issues with the brain. However, most people do not consider it to be mind-altering.

What Is Nuedexta?

If Nuedexta isn’t a psychotropic, then what is it? It’s classified as a central nervous system or CNS agent. It can affect the brain because it impacts the nervous system.

Why Isn’t Nuedexta A Psychotropic?

Generally speaking, Nuedexta isn’t used to treat any psychiatric conditions. More often than not, it treats medical problems. A prescription of Nuedexta is for people that experience uncontrollable crying or laughing because of a neurological disorder. It’s easy to mistake those kinds of symptoms for psychiatric problems, but they certainly aren’t the same thing.

Who Is Being Prescribed Nuedexta?

Nuedexta is commonly used to treat people with ALS, or Lou Gehring’s Disease. This drug has helped a lot of individuals to reduce the severity of their symptoms. This medication is also being prescribed to Alzheimer’s patients. Drugs like Nuedexta can treat some common neurological symptoms.
More recently, people have been using Neudexta to help adults with autism. Because autism is a neurological disorder, it has been quite useful. It has even been prescribed to people with brain injuries. If someone experiences the PseudoBulbar Affect, a neurological condition that causes people to experience involuntary episodes of laughing or crying, it is likely that they will be given this drug.

Will Nuedextra Be Classified As A Psychotropic Drug In The Future?

It is unlikely that the classification of this medication will be fall under a psychotropic listing at any point in the future. Even if it is used to treat psychiatric conditions at some point, the drug will remain a CNS agent. There is no reason for experts to change its classification.

How Can I Learn More About Nuedexta?

If you believe that you would benefit from taking Nuedexta, you should talk to your doctor about it. Tell them that you have heard Nuedexta has a positive effect on people that experience the PseudoBulbar Affect. See if your doctor thinks this drug would help you.
Like any other drug, Nuedexta does have said effects. With that said, early testing surrounding this drug has been extremely positive. If you are a patient that would benefit from Nuedexta, it is likely that your doctor will be willing to prescribe it to you.
Now that you know a little bit more about psychotropics and Nuedexta, you are ready to have a conversation with your doctor. Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about medications that might help you. After all, managing your health is part of your doctor’s job.