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Nuedexta Reviews and Testimonials

By JasonScott

July 14, 2017

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What Users of Nuedexta Have to Say

Nuedexta is what many might refer to as the drug of choice for treating Pseudobulbar Affect, also known as PBA.  That reference is typically given by the medical community.  The real question is, “what are users saying about the medication?”  What kinds of reviews and testimonials are available regarding the use of Nuedexta.  Let’s provide some of what the Nuedexta subscribers are saying here.

Before getting into the comments of these patients let briefly discuss some of the background and uses of the medication as well to put the testimonials in context.  This will also help provide a little more reference for the statements these users have made.

We are going to make the assumption that there is already an understanding of what some of the side effects, uses of the medication, cost and other items are related to the medicine to avoid unnecessary dialog.  However, if you’ve reached this article without knowledge of that detail, you can read more about those things here.

Now for the Nuedexta reviews

In looking at various locations and the testimonies provides, the following is what patients taking the medication have to say:

For Pseudobulbar Affect “I started nuedexta almost two months ago due to severe mood swings, angry outbursts and frequent crying episodes. Thanks to this medicine, these behaviors have pretty much stopped. I do think for two generic drugs, that the price should be lower.”

This review was offered by a commenter going by the name of riverrat on April 18th of 2016. Ten out of a possible ten was given by this reviewer, and the comment was found on the drugs.com website.  Here is another from that site.

For Pseudobulbar Affect “I have MS and my mood swings were unbearable. I feel like this drug has balanced out my brain. Not only am I no longer sad and suffering, I think more rationally. I am going through a very stressful time in my life. Normally I should just want to lay in bed and cry. This drug has put ME in control of my emotions! I have tried a variety of anti depressants.. They made me feel numb . I hated them. This drug is different!!! I also have a history of self medicating with alcohol to cope with my anxiety when a very stressful situation occurs. Since I have started this med, I have no desire or urge. I’m not one to get online and write a review.. But I feel like this is helping me live again.. And I want to share the word!!”

This reviewer gave an 8 out of a possible 10 rating.  The reviewer was belladonna4880, and the review was provided on August 29th, 2015.
WebMD.com also offered some oral reviews on their website.  In these reviews, the age and gender of the patient are provided.  Here are a couple of the most recent ones.

“I have Multiple Sclerosis. I started taken this Medication, due to uncontrollable crying. After 2 months, taking Nuedexta ONCE a day, I started to have INCREASED SPASTICITY in my hands & right calf & foot. My psychiatrist, NEVER informed me about this side effect. Just make sure, you speak with a PHARMACIST, BECAUSE most doctors don’t know anything about the medications they prescribe!! TRUST ME on that, I’m a RN.”

The ease of use rating given by this review was a four out of possible five stars.  However, the other ratings were not as positive.  For effectiveness and satisfaction, this rater gave both a 1 out of 5 stars.  No names were attached to this review.  The rater was a female between 45 and 54 years of age.

“I was on Neudexta for about a year and was in control and felt like I could do anything without fear of crying. But then I started to itch all over my body. After about a week, an itchy rash appeared. After an appointment with my neurologist he advised me to discontinue the drug. The itching and rash disappeared and the crying came back. I have other allergies that cause anaphylaxis so I stopped taking Neudexta.”

This reviewer gave 5 out of 5 stars for effectiveness, ease of use, and satisfaction.  Again, there are no names offered with the review and it was provided by a female between 65 and 74 years of age.

More Nuedexta Testimonials

Patientslikeme.com reports these evaluations from Nuedexta patients.

newton 1971 says: “This has been a miracle drug for myself as I no longer have the outburst of unexpected crying and or laughter.”

His rating for effectiveness is 4 out of 4.  He also gives 1 out of 4 for side effects which indicate none. His evaluation was presented May 14th, 2017.
cruiser reported, “When I first took it it was great. Now some of the crying is coming back. I wish I could find something else.”

For effectiveness, he gave 2 out of 4 possible and as far as side effects he gave a rating of 1 out of 4 indicating no side effects.  He review was written October 10th, 2008.

There are other reviews of this medication available by those who have researched the subject.  However, these reviewers don’t necessarily have personal experience in using the drug.  An example of this review can be found at thoughtbroadcast.com.

Have you taken this medication?  This community would appreciate reading your Nuedexta review.  Comment below with your review of Nuedexta to help our readers.


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